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Doro Liberto® 810 Easy smartphone
Doro Liberto® 810
The super easy
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easy smartphone for beginners
Large, clear
Hard keys for Menu,
Home and Back!
Easy phone
Easy to use camera
with flash
Louder than
other smartphones
Easy mobile
Stay closer to family and friends with pictures, video, e-mail and more
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Video of grand child
Large screen smartphone

Easy to use smartphone

Doro Liberto® 810 is very easy to hear, read and enjoy, making it the perfect smartphone for first-time users. It has the power and flexibility of any other smartphone, but large icons and simplified menus mean you’re confidently in control. And with loud and clear sound, conversations are also much easier than with many other smartphones.

Big button mobile phone

Where stylish meets practical

You’ll love the way the large, crisp touchscreen brings your pictures and videos to life, and how it adapts to the way you type. Below the screen you’ll find practical hard keys for the menu, home and back functions – bringing more confidence to the user than any other smartphone. A sleek, ergonomic and stylish design that has been shaped to fit comfortably, confidently and securely in your hand thanks to the easy to grip soft touch coating.
Securely add, remove and automatically back up your phone’s content through the included device manager.

Easy smartphone for seniors

Enjoy a world of new possibilities

A smartphone offers many enjoyable ways to stay closer to family and friends. From calling, texting and e-mailing, to sharing pictures and video, Doro Liberto® 810 makes them all very easy. You can also browse the internet and add more functions and apps in just a few simple clicks. Choose from specially selected Doro apps, or from the wide world of entertaining, stimulating and helpful apps from Google Play.

  • Wi-Fi
    Wi-Fi lets you connect to wireless networks at home or away
  • Google play
    Google Play opens the door to over a million apps for lifestyle, learning, fitness, fun and more
  • Swift key
    SwiftKey with auto-correction makes touchscreen typing faster, easier and more personalised
  • Android
    Android™ is the operating system that enables your phone to function much like a computer

Google, Google Play and Android are trademarks of Google Inc.
The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

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smartphone for beginners

It’s simple really

Now there’s every reason in the world to take the leap and try a smartphone for a change. We’ve taken all the best features and found ways to make them even easier to use and enjoy. The smartphone for anyone!

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