• <span><span>Discover<br/>Doro Experience<sup>®</sup></span><br /><span> </span>
    Doro Experience®

    The easy way for seniors to
    stay connected with family and friends!
  • <span><span>Keep the whole family close</span> <br /> <span> – from anywhere</span></span>
    Now you can help the people you love to
    feel more connected, wherever you are!
  • <span><span>Share precious moments</span> <br /> <span>with precious people</span> </span>
    Share precious moments
    with precious people

Why Doro Experience®?

PCs, tablets and smartphones are great for staying connected, but many still find them too complex and daunting. 
Doro Experience® changes all that...
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Easy user interface

Doro Experience® makes devices easier to use thanks to large, clear icons and clearly organized functions and apps.

Easy apps

It includes specially designed apps for seniors, so there’s no getting lost in a jungle of irrelevant or hard to use apps.

Easy web-based manager

Doro Experience® Manager lets you help a parent or grandparent when you can’t be there in person.