Doro HandleEasy 321rc

Easy universal remote control

Doro HandleEasy 321rc is specially designed for people who want a truly easy remote control. Change channels and adjust the volume on your TV or radio with seven programmable remote keys.

  • Simple
  • Universal
  • Ergonomic
Doro HandleEasy 321rc
  • Doro HandleEasy 321rc
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Programmable keys 7
Powering handset unit
Battery included (type) 3 AAA 1.5V

Smart design and functionality

  • Easy to press buttons

    Well-separated, easy to press buttons make using this product as easy as it should be.

  • Easy to understand

    At Doro we take extra pride in developing products that are easy to understand, making sure that functions and menus are always intuitive and uncomplicated.

  • Oversized buttons

    When a conventional keypad becomes less comfortable than you’d like, this Doro product with extra large, easy to press buttons is just the answer.

Tests and reviews

Awards and honours

  • The International Design Excellence Awards 2009

    The International Design Excellence Awards 2009