Keeps you close when you cant be there in person

Doro Connect and Care® is an easy-to-use service that helps you to enjoy life whilst keeping you connected and in-touch. It simply makes sure everything is okay without cramping your lifestyle by creating a network of support – friends, family and people you trust.


Doro C&C is pre-installed on most Doro Smartphones**. Either the Doro user or a relative can set up the account and create a network. Further friends and family can then be invited to download a free relative app, to use on their own smartphone, to join the network.

Available to download for Android devices from Google Play and from the App Store for iOS.

 iOS : Téléchargez My Doro Manager


Android : Téléchargez My Doro Manager




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As nice as it may be to have someone you depend on drop by every time you need something, long distances and busy schedules can often stop that from happening. By using Doro Connect & Care® you can easily create and stay in touch with a network of family and friends, thus providing you with a larger circle of connected people you can rely on for support.   The built-in assistance button on your Doro Smartphone can be set up to alert your C&C network if you have an urgent situation. It enables the person who is able to respond to keep other network members informed. A location message can also be sent to the person responding to the alert.                                                                                                   Caring isn’t just about helping in times of need - it’s also about staying in touch regularly. C&C offers easy to use one-to-one messaging and group chat that puts you in touch with your entire network with one message. It’s social networking made simple.                                                                                                                                                                                    
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When remembering things becomes harder, its reassuring to know Doro C&C helps you to keep track of important events and appointments. Anyone in the network can add a reminder to your phone so that you will be gently reminded in plenty of time.                                                                         Not every request for help is an emergency. With Doro C&C it’s easy to get help, even for everyday things like picking up a few groceries. Shared to do lists give everyone an easier way to coordinate who takes care of what. And you don’t need to feel like you’re imposing on any one person.   The activity log feature keeps track of when you last answered a call and lets others in the network know if there is a reason to be concerned. For example, should you miss a certain number of calls, C&C will automatically send out an alert so that people can easily check to make sure you are ok.

** Compatible Smartphones