Applicable to all Doro mobiles phones

Warranty period, duration and limits

Warranty runs from the first day end-user purchases the product.

The product may be made of different parts which are covered by separate warranty policies and durations.
Initial warranty
a/ a twenty-four (24) months warranty for the mobile handset or fixed phone.
b/ a twelve (12) months warranty for the following accessories and consumables: batteries, chargers, headsets, cables, pouches and covers.
Repair Service warranty
The warranty applies from the date of first purchase and will not be changed for the resale, repair or replacement date even when processed by a Doro authorized service center.
The repaired parts or the replacement product are covered by the warranty during all the remaining legal warranty period or during 60 days from the repair or replacement date. The longer period of time is always the one taken into account.

Warranty Exclusions

The present warranty does not apply in the following cases:
a) Normal wear and tear (batteries and screens)
b) Damage due to a shock or inappropriate use

The present warranty does not cover defects caused by short-circuiting the battery or use of an unauthorized Doro accessory
The present warranty does not apply either when the device has been:
- opened, modified, or repaired by an unauthorized after-sales service center
- repaired with spare parts unauthorized by Doro
- exposed to humidity, extreme environmental and thermal conditions, erosion, oxidation or chemicals.
- serial number has been removed or is not legible.
- loaded, corrupted or tampered with anon Doro approved DORO software

Warranty Proof

To be eligible to warranty services, the product shall be sent to the accredited DORO service center with a valid proof of purchase.