connect careDoro’s Age is Good photography campaign aims to challenge peoples’ negative perceptions of age by inviting everyone, of any age, to get involved through the medium of photography. You do not need to be a pro to enter and entries can be taken on any device with a camera function.


Age is just a number – yet there are still so many clichés and pre-conceptions associated with age. Many people have the misconception that people aged over 65 don’t live life to the full or have fun anymore. This is sad and simply not the case. We want you to help us prove, through photography, that people of all ages can live amazing lives full of positive experiences.


We want everyone to get involved! Take pictures of your family, a loved one, friends or just someone in life that inspires you - and help us prove the cynics wrong. Age is Good!


Entries will be judged by our judging panel of independent experts including:

Matthew Graham - Digital Photo magazine

Sunetra Chakravarti - Mobile Choice magazine

Fiona Hicks - Reader's Digest magazine

Mary Frances - Life & Living magazine

Chris Millington – MD of Doro UK & Ireland


Entries close on 31st October at 5pm UK time. The four category winners will then be announced on 9th November.


So how do you enter?


There are four categories in the competition and you can enter as many individual categories as you like.  In fact why not enter all four?!:


1.Love and Friendship

This category celebrates all the inspirational and influential friends / partners that join life’s journey with you. From man’s best friend to the one person who knows you better than anyone else, photos in this category should capture the moment someone feels a strong sense of love and an unbreakable bond with another.


Some inspiration for this category: a life-long friendship, school friends, people reminiscing, a loved pet, sweethearts, a wedding anniversary, the look of love between a couple, laughter, a hug, holding hands, reflection on childhood years.



2.Strength, Challenge and Achievement

Age is just a number and years do not limit what the human mind and body is capable of - preconceptions are there to be challenged and disproved! This category aims to commend moments that demonstrate strength and achievement and defy expectation.


Some inspiration for this category: a physical activity, sport, a creative achievement, the joy of overcoming a barrier to something, a reaction to an achievement, a proud face, perhaps even learning a new skill.


3.Belonging and Completeness

Life is to be enjoyed and shared, and this category exists to showcase special and joyous moments caught on camera that reflect a sense of completeness and feeling part of something.


Some inspiration for this category: the first meeting with a new grandchild, a complete family portrait, a special occasion, a family reunion, reconnecting with an old friend, communicating with family overseas, different generations together, a community of neighbours.


4. Happiness and Zest for Life

Too often, there is a negative stigma associated with age, portraying senior generations as ill, miserable, depressed and lonely.  This is NOT always the case.  This category aims to celebrate all those retirees that live active, fulfilling and happy lives.  These photos should help to overcome and disprove these negative connotations. We want to see the zest for life that many people over 65 have.  Photos that show how life in retirement can be fantastically rewarding.


Some inspiration for this category:  laughter, relaxation, a first date, a holiday, the spread of smiles amongst friends, a quirky personality, a fashionista, engagement with digital technology, tears of joy, courage, determination and a positive outlook.


There will be four category winners who will each win a subscription to Digital Photo magazine, as well as a Doro Liberto® 825 smartphone – one of the latest smart devices in Doro’s portfolio with an 8MP camera – so the winners can capture memories of family and loved ones on their new device.



Send your entry via email to Doro UK’s press team at Mash PR – - entries received by email must be received by 5pm on the closing date and the submission must include the following information in the email body:




First name:

Family name: