Barcelona, February 27th, 2017 – Doro, the global leader in the senior mobile phone market, is unveiling the Doro 6050, its new 2G feature phone which includes an intuitive new user-interface (UI). The new handset boasts a range of easy-to-use features to facilitate an active and mobile lifestyle, no matter someone’s age. 

The Doro 6050 is equipped with an action-based UI in response to a similar and successful version installed in Doro smartphones, allowing users to choose from a traditional menu or one that simplifies further with action based commands to take the user step by step through the task they want to complete. For instance to send a photo, select ‘send’ and the device takes you through the process of choosing a photo, the person they want to send it to and how they would like to send it – whether by SMS or email.

In addition to all the usual features appreciated by seniors in Doro handsets, such as loud and clear sound, adjustable text size, well separated keys and an assistance button, the Doro 6050 is now equipped with an additional external screen that shows who is calling, what the time is and displays notifications that a message has arrived.

Key features for the Doro 6050:

• New intuitive user-interface and added software functions for users to select their own interface, depending on their needs

Doro 6050
Doro 6050 Closed• Easy-to-use 3 Megapixel interpolated camera with flash and enhanced lens
• 2.8 inch internal and 1.3 inch external LED display with Caller ID to make taking calls easier• Dedicated direct keys for favourite contacts, SMS, camera and torch
• Soft touch surface for a better grip so it can be handled safely
• Extra loud and clear sound with Hearing Aid Compatibility so that, even in noisy environments, senior users are able to hear and understand every conversation
• A blacklisting function that enables users to easily block unwanted tele sales or other annoying inquiries.

Doro research* has found that although an increasing proportion of seniors are considering buying a smartphone, there is still high demand for feature phones, with almost 40 per cent of seniors saying they plan to buy a feature phone as their next mobile. When choosing their next phone, seniors are looking for an assistance button (66 per cent), loud and clear sound (55 per cent) as well as extra large keys (53 per cent). Doro has addressed the needs from its audience in the new Doro 6050 feature phone, providing the required hardware and software options for senior users.

Robert Puskaric, CEO of Doro Group, comments: “The Doro 6050, with an intuitive and
action based menu system, offers a clear and user-friendly UI to improve the user experience.  Its easy handling will especially excite senior users since it will allow for
more independence and zest for life.”

Chris Millington, MD of Doro UK&I, adds: “The Doro 6050 is a fantastic update to the best selling and
multi-award winning Doro PhoneEasy 612. Clearly we want to continue the much appreciated features
of the PhoneEasy 612, such as the loud and clear sound, direct keys and ease of use but with some updated functions like a bigger screen and a better camera. It is our vision and our aim to enable seniors to lead an active and rich life – with the support of our devices and a UI that enables even more users to stay connected with loved ones”

The Doro 6050 is available for UK retail from March 2017.