Discover how Keith now enjoys using a smartphone.

Keith Baron, from Wiltshire, uses the Doro 8030.

I have tried a couple of smartphones before due to peer pressure really, but I gave them up as I found my feature phone much easier to use and pretty user-friendly. Ultimately the smartphone was in charge of me instead of the other way around.
However, I sometimes became interested in the things that my friends and family were doing with their phones and when I saw the Doro advertised in a national newspaper I thought that it really was about time to make the supreme effort and give up my feature phone. 
With the Doro 8030 I was surprised how quickly I was able to use it, albeit in a simple form as a phone, straight away. Then with the assistance of a couple of clients over a cup of tea they told me how to get apps on the phone, which I must say are really something! I have Waze road mapping and train travel apps, one for Facebook and another for Whatsapp! I don't play games on the phone but if that is what you enjoy, then there are loads to choose from. 
I am no longer chained to my PC with my Doro because wherever I go I can pick up all my messages and emails as easy as pie! This phone has really opened up the smartphone world for me.
Using the camera is straightforward and uncomplicated, even 'selfies' are possible. 
I am finding that the longer I have the phone, the more I can discover, and its pretty easy to enjoy, as opposed to getting annoyed with it. 
I do have one issue though, and that is that they market this phone as one for 'old people' whereas I think it should be called a phone for the younger older people!