Discover the story of Stephen, his grandson Sami and their Doro Liberto 825!    



Stephen is 67, from Edgware, Middlesex.

Having recently purchased a Doro smartphone, and after a visit to John Lewis for a case, Stephen is now the proud owner of a Doro Liberto® 825.

This is his first ever smartphone and he is already enjoying the spark it has brought to his life. After owning the device for two months, it is still very much the main topic of conversation with friends and family: "I haven't stopped enjoying and playing with my Doro phone and it is the best toy I've ever had in my life! Being able to show my friends pictures of my grandchildren I have taken on the phone's camera, or sending my emails when I'm out, or even checking the weather forecast for tennis is great."

Stephen is a grandfather to three young boys, who keep him busy and active attending their football games. Most recently, Stephen's grandson Sami, aged 9, helped him to take his first ever selfie! Sami also has introduced Stephen to the instant messaging app, WhatsApp: "My grandson has installed WhatsApp onto my phone for me so that I can message and share pictures with him. When I'm on Wi-Fi this is free, so I can keep in touch for nothing when either myself or friends and family are on holiday.

He has been able to download apps and enjoyed the voice command app, finding it extremely useful when sending texts and emails: "It's much quicker for me to send messages this way. I have a lot of fun with this feature when messaging my friends and it isn't complicated at all."