London, 18 June 2015:  Doro has expanded the reach of its popular entry-level device, the PhoneEasy® 508, with listings confirmed with Vodafone and EE.

The Doro PhoneEasy® 508 is now available in graphite from EE for £19.99, and in pearlescent white from Vodafone for £20 on pay as you go. The handset now has over 20 UK retail listings including Carphone Warehouse, Tesco Mobile, Argos and RNIB, making this handset Doro’s best-selling candy-bar phone.

Feature phones continue to be an important market for Doro in the UK, with approximately half of all seniors still looking for this type of device for their next or first mobile purchase. The Doro PhoneEasy® 508 is an attractive option for those looking for a phone that provides quick and easy voice and text communication at a very affordable price. These two key mobile functions are within the top two buying requirements of the senior user group.

This intuitively designed phone is a good example of the Doro DNA – with easy and ergonomic handling, adjustable text size and screen contrast, loud and clear sound and an assistance button on the back. As well as being a simplistic handset, the Doro PhoneEasy® 508 is Bluetooth enabled, and users can access FM radio when the headphones are plugged in. Other key features include: a torch, alarm clock and a calendar with a reminder setting.

Chris Millington, Managing Director of Doro UK and Ireland, said: “This device has done fantastically well for us since its launch and its success is further championed through these new listings with Vodafone and EE. We pride ourselves in our offering of well designed and easy-to-use phones for every ability at all price points. The Doro PhoneEasy® 508 is a great value phone, with most retailers offering the handset at the £20 price point, making it an ideal and affordable feature phone.”