• The Doro 8035 is an intuitive smartphone with an elegant design and dual interface
  • The Doro 7060 is a 4G easy-to-use clamshell feature phone with VoLTE support, meeting the anticipated migration from 3G to 4G networks

Doro, the global leader in telecom products for seniors, today announces two new phones at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The new Doro 8035 is an easy-to-use smartphone with a step-by-step start up guide to help users tailor the phone based on their needs, without compromising on the advantages of a smartphone. The Doro 8035 has loud and clear sound and remote access capabilities, enabling friends and family to assist the user if difficulties occur. Doro also launches a smart feature phone, the Doro 7060, a flip phone with support for Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and smart apps.


Doro 8035: the smartphone with a dual interfaceDoro 8035 dual UI


The Doro 8035 offers two different navigation modes and interfaces. When switching on the phone for the first time, a step-by-step start up guide helps the user to find the right navigation system and interface based on their needs. With Easy Mode, users with little or no experience of smartphones use an interface that is easier to learn and understand, yet still comprehensive enough to provide all the key advantages of a smartphone. The Enhanced Mode is more like a classic Android launcher, but enriched with Doro DNA, such as large and contrasted icons and text, and an “I want to” button.


As well as the key Doro DNA features appreciated by seniors around the world: loud and clear sound, easy to hold, robust and with physical buttons, the smartphone boasts a new in-call ‘boost’ feature. This lets users of the Doro 8035 press the ‘I want to’ button to increase call volume by 6/7dB. The 8035 is the first phone in the Doro portfolio to possess such a feature, further aiding seniors who are hard of hearing.


The Doro 8035 also comes with the TeamViewer feature, which offers full remote control and access in order for friends and family members to support the senior on-screen, no matter where they are. Remote control is also available via mydoromanager.com, where the user, or family and friends, can get access to the smartphone via a desktop and adjust the settings or backup photos for example. The Doro 8035 will be fully integrated with the SmartCare by Doro solution and provide enhanced safety features when outside the home. The device will be available in metallic blue, making it a stylish addition to the Doro portfolio.


Robert Puskaric, CEO and President of Doro, says: “We know that many seniors want to take the step to use a smartphone to get access to the same communication tools and apps that their younger relatives and friends use, to not miss out on anything. By launching the new Doro 8035 we want to connect generations.”


Doro 7060: a smart feature phoneDoro 7060


The Doro 7060 feature phone is a next generation, 4G, easy-to-use clamshell phone with VoLTE support, meeting the anticipated migration from 3G to 4G networks. The new phone has a large 2.8 inch main colour display and a 1.44 inch colour external display with caller ID. The Doro 7060 is a smart feature phone, meaning it has support for online tools and apps, and like the 8035, it will also incorporate the new in-call ‘boost’ feature. The device features large and well-separated high-contrast keys, with a shortcut key for the camera, as well as the Doro assistance button. . The black and white Doro 7060 can connect via both wifi or mobile data, and will be available from June in the UK.


Doro research has found that the use of smartphones among seniors (65+) is growing, but nearly half (46 per cent) feel insecure when it comes to technology. Seniors have specific needs due to various age-related impairments: 82 per cent have vision related problems, 29 per cent have hearing loss and 42 per cent experience problems with gripping or handling. Mass market smartphones often lack support for these specific age-related needs, which slows down smartphone adoption among seniors and makes it difficult to take advantage of the communication tools and apps used by their younger family members and friends.


Peter Marsden, Managing Director UK and Ireland, Doro, says: Our feature phones are hugely popular with seniors across the world, but we recognise that this age bracket also wants access to online apps. The 7060 provides features loved by seniors, whilst meeting this demand for smart technology. We’re constantly innovating to ensure Doro devices meet the specific needs of our audience.”