Smart Phones

Doro smartphones are designed specifically for users who want a smart device but without the added complexity of many mainstream brands. Here at Doro we’ve upgraded the smartphone by adding simplicity.  

With a conversational questionnaire that starts automatically when you first turn on the phone to help you set it up, an online portal to back up and manage the content on your device and an interface on some models that thinks like you do getting into the smartphone world couldn’t be easier.  

With our intuitive ‘thinks like you’ interface everything you want to do is logical, by using actions like ‘call, view, search and send’ to ring friends, send texts or photos and navigate to a location. Step by step you are taken through the menu choices to complete what you want to do with ease and clarity.   All Doro smartphones come with Doro DNA – loud and clear sound with hearing aid compatibility, three hard keys for easy navigation, easy to see displays and adjustable font sizes.  

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