Smartphoneschool part 5

The various services available on a smartphone are organized in so-called "apps" (short for “applications”). An app is like a small computer program that you can easily download and begin using right away. Many of the most common apps are already installed on your phone.

Apps for just about everything

It’s true. Today you can find an app for just about anything. Some you need to pay for, others are free. The top app charts at Google Play and App Store provide a good overview of what’s out there. Examples of applications we all have use for include apps for a daily newspaper, for social media such as Facebook and Instagram, for online banking, or for public transportation where you live so that you can easily check departure times for trains and buses.

Google Play

Google Play is an online store where you can download all the apps you need. (As well as many you absolutely don’t need, but can be fun to have anyway.)

The first time you start your phone you will find that you need to register with Google using your Gmail account. (See below.) We recommend you do it, otherwise you won’t be able to download any apps. When registering you may be asked to enter a credit card number. This you do not need to do as many apps are free to download. So if you don’t want to, just tap “skip”.


The first time you start your new smartphone you will be asked to create a Gmail account. Gmail is your Google email account that connects you to everything you use your new phone for – Google calendar, contacts and apps. You may use this as your main email address, but if you already have an email address which you wish to continue using for sending and receiving email, that’s fine too. You really only need your Gmail account to connect with the various Google apps on your phone.

Have fun in the exciting world of apps!

 How to download apps

1. From the Home screen, tap the "Add" icon

2. Scroll down to "An application"

3. Choose between Doro Selection and Google Play Store. Doro Selection is a group of recommended apps we believe you will find useful.

4. Browse among the apps and tap the one you want to download

5. Tap "Install"

6. Tap "Accept"

7. Tap "Open"

Congratulations! You've downloaded an app!


Check our video !

Learn how to download applications


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